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Linguistik online is an international journal that aims to contribute to linguistic research. It is a free online-publication for all interested parties and covers a wide spectrum of different linguistic questions. Linguistik online deals with the principal problems of linguistics in periodical rotation; special editions are planned for all other areas.

To guarantee the high scientific level of Linguistik online, articles will be published only after being positively assessed in a peer-review process by at least two experts. To make this possible it was necessary to form a large circle of co-editors, who now include:

Werner Abraham, Groningen; Bernt Ahrenholz, Berlin; Per Baerentzen, Aarhus; Armin Burckhardt, Magdeburg; Eugene Faucher, Nancy; Joerg Fehr, Berlin; Kirsten Gomard, Aarhus; Hartmut Guenther, Koeln; Theo Harden, Dublin; Ernest W. B. Hess-Luettich, Bern; Antje Hornscheidt, Berlin; Brenda Laca, Strassbourg; Marek Nekula, Brno/Regensburg; Elke Nowak, Stuttgart; Vesna Polovina, Belgrad; Peter Rosenberg, Frankfurt (Oder); Martina Rost-Roth, Berlin; Brigitte Schlieben-Lange, Tuebingen; Hartmut Schroeder, Frankfurt (Oder); Olga Tomic, Novi Sad; Juergen Trabant, Berlin; Petra Maria Vogel, Osnabrueck; Harald Weydt, Frankfurt (Oder) ...


Guidelines for THE special edition of Linguistik online


General Monolingual Dictionary - a lexicographic concept or a fiction?

The research of special lexicographic problems has recently been gaining in importance. It is being confirmed in current publications and lexicographic congresses, as well as in the activities of organisations such as EURALEX, ASIALEX or AUSTRALEX.


The aim of the present Linguistik online special edition is to reopen the discussion on the concept of a General Monolingual Dictionary, its possibilities, borderline cases and restrictions. The original purpose of General Monolingual Dictionaries falls more and more into oblivion under the pressure of similar lexicographic forms and publishers exclusively interested in profits. That type of dictionary has often been misinterpreted and simply ignored.


Are General Monolingual Dictionaries conceptually justified reference books or only amethodical compilations of different lexicographic data - are they concept or fiction?

The topics which could be presented in the articles include, but are not limited to:


This special edition should be published in Spring of 1999. Please submit the title and synopsis of your intended article by e-mail or letter by February 1999.

E-mail to: Pitzek@EUnet.yu or jasam@rz-uni.osnabrü

Snail-mail to: Prof. Dr. Elke Hentschel, Universitaet Osnabrueck, Fachbereich Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft, Neuer Graben 40, D-49069 Osnabrueck.


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